Indian Railways’ Private Train Plan: Rs 7,200 Crore Bids –

The Ministry of Railways received bids from the private and public sectors to operate passenger trains. This was to facilitate the introduction of private passenger train operators. Today’s bidding for the passenger train operations project PPP opened. 

Railway Ministry released that 29 pairs of trains have received bids from both the private and public sectors. This will require an investment of approximately Rs 7,200 crore.

The ministry stated that they would evaluate the bids and make a decision based on them. After several rounds of discussion with industry leaders, the PPP bids were opened for passenger trains today.

This process is entirely new in India and will require extensive discussions and deliberations to bring world-class trains via Public Private Participation.

Twenty-three companies have already been involved in discussions and meetings with the ministry about private rail projects. The Railway Board has also held meetings with foreign and domestic companies.

According to the Railway Ministry sources, this meeting was a pre-application meeting. The ministry then explained the details of how private policy might work. Foreign companies such as Bombardier or Alstom are among the 23 that expressed interest.

They are not the only companies.Titagarh Wagon from West Bengal attended the meeting on private railroads. Titagarh Wagon is an expert in the construction of various types and modern trains.

These private trains will travel through 12 different clusters across the country. Howrah will also be included in these clusters, and private trains will operate on six routes within this cluster.

The trains will travel at 160 km/h, but passengers won’t feel any shock or hear any sound inside the cabin. Every coach will have sliding doors that can be opened from the outside and inside.

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