Food Service Supervisor Jobs in Toronto (Canada), Cheese Boutique Toronto recruitment for Food Service Supervisor

Food Service Supervisor Jobs in Toronto:- Cheese Boutique is the famous Boutique in Toronto and supplying palatable and satisfactory food since 50 years. The boutique serves great food and leaves a memorable impression in the buyer’s mind. The main motive of the boutique is to make their customers ecstatic and also make the place memorable for them.

Boutique Toronto recruitment for Food Service Supervisor

The boutique since 1970 is run by the same family. The boutique is the abode of 16,000 ingredients that are circulated all over the world.

The Boutique is very cozy, alluring, and captivating. Products were placed beautifully from floor to ceiling whereas, hams and panettone boxes hanging all over inside the boutique.

Food Service Supervisor Jobs in Toronto

Food Service Supervisor Job in Toronto

Food Service Manager is the person who overlooks all the internal works of restaurant, food boutiques, or any other food or beverages establishments. The Manager directs all the employees working to excellently perform all the tasks on time and satisfied their customers needs. He is the person who can either boom his business or doom his business.

Food Service Supervisor Jobs in Toronto:- Duties of Food Manager Supervisor

Have a look at the duties that the Food Service Manager is responsible for.

•        The manager hire, train, fire, and supervise the employees

•        The manager order, supply, and manage all the food and beverages

•        Check carefully the delivery of food trolleys

•        The Manager makes sure of the healthiness inside and also follow all the food safety measures

•        Must take complains or feedbacks from the customers regarding food quality or service and try to implement it

•        Manage and maintain all the records of budget, stocks, sales, repairs, and wastage

•        Must have the knowledge of Food Market and should have culinary skills

•        Schedule work to the staff and ensure that it should be commenced and completed on time without any delay

•        The manager must be impartial with all the employees to have a positive environment that will be helpful in achieving future goals

Eligibility Criteria for Food Manager Supervisor

Cheese Boutique in Toronto announced the post of Food Service Supervisor. Toronto is the capital city of Canada. It is one of the most known city in Canada and the fourth-most populous in North America.

Here is the eligibility that the professional must be required to apply for the designation.

Number of People to Supervise

The food Manager must be skilled to supervise 5-10 people

Work Condition

The Manager has to work under such conditions and also have to obey it

•        Fast- Moving atmosphere

•        Work under pressure

•        Fit enough to work perfectly and smoothly

•        Tight deadlines

•        Have to work 30-40 hours per week


The Manger who best fit for the job will be paid $ 16 to $ 17 per hour

How to Contact

Here, is the different ways to contact the boutique for any queries or know about it.

•        Call – +1 416-762-6292

•        E-Mail – [email protected]

•        Website –

•        Address – 45 Ripley Avenue Toronto, ON, Canada

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